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Thu Sep 29 21:20:23 BST 2011

Hey guys,
Welcome to the hiking club, thanks for joining. Here is a quick email 
with all the info for the next few weeks
•	If you still want to join the club, haven’t paid or want to do the 
walk on Sunday. We will be in the coffee side of JC’s tomorrow at 
12-1.30. Our membership fee is £5 and the first walk on Sunday is £4. 
Feel free to hang around and have more cake.  We’ll have a sign and a 
Welsh dragon so we’ll be easy to spot.
•	Hike on Sunday is to three cliffs bay, it’s about 5 miles nothing too 
strenuous and of course we’ll go to the pub:) it’s a chance to meet and 
get to know everybody in beautiful setting. Plus if it’s a lush day feel 
free to bring swim stuff and beach toys  we will need your AU number or 
transaction number before you come. Not sure what that is follow this 
link.  Meet outside Fulton house between 9-9.30 and for those on the 
student village meet at the bus stop in the village. Look out for our 
escort, he’ll be wearing a red coat, no doubt shorts and have  a dragon 
he’ll direct you
•	Our first social is 7th of October to Playzone. It will be really 
great fun! It is a huge indoor Playzone for adults so you no longer have 
to pretend to be a child! Plus they also sell vodka slushies so you can 
run around tipsy if you prefer. Will be starting sign up for this 
tomorrow at JC`s there are limited spaces.
•	For the walk you’ll need a good pair of walking shoes, rucksack  and 
pack lunch we are having a gear night in blacks soon where there is 
massive discount and you can get loads of kit
•	In case you didn’t get it earlier our website is www.hiking.org.uk 
where you will be able to find a full list of the walks and information 
on future socials, as well as some photos from recent years.
•	And here is our Facebook group- not updated too often but we will try 
to use it more often from now on: http://www.facebook.com/swanseahiking
•	We think that is all so see you soon

Hannah (secretary), Hannah (social sec) and Sam (treasurer/ 
representative of awesomeness)

Swansea University Hiking Club
Signups Wednesday 12:30-1:30
         Friday 12:30-1:30
Find out more on our website (updated daily)

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