[Hiking] Bonfire, cake sale, weekend away and all other sorts of awesome stuff

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Mon Apr 30 21:55:31 BST 2012


So although we have finished all the hikes for this year, we still have 
lots of fun activities to take part in, because us committee are very 
committed to your enjoyment and are just so awesome.

Firstly, there is the bonfire and BBQ on Thursday 3rd May starting at 
7.30. Please bring along any wood you might have and also BBQ food. Lets 
hope the weather is nice for it, but whatever, it's going to be fun and 
a chance to socialize with fellow awesome hikers.

Secondly, there will be a cake sale on either 9th or 10th May will know 
exactly when soon there will also be a facebook group made with more 
details. So please come along and support the club and buy some yummy 
cakes, all the proceeds will be going to the club. Donations of cakes 
are also welcome.

Thirdly, the Rhinogs trip, which will be absolutely amazing and 
beautiful (if you don't believe me consult the student's best friend, 
Wikipedia). It is now open to non-members, so there is no excuse not to 
come and bring your friends along too. The trip will be from the 1st to 
the 3rd of June. So straight after the end of exams and will therefore 
be a great chance to unwind and not just go get drunk on wind street, 
which if we're being honest is a bit predictable and no where near as 

Thanks for listening to me for another week,

Swansea University Hiking Club
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