[Hiking] Park in the Dark-CHANGE OF PLAN !

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Thu Feb 2 21:27:22 GMT 2012

Hey Guys,

Slight change of the plan for the social tomorrow we will be doing the 
three legged orienteering around Brynmill Park instead of Singleton Park 
as it`s a wee bit smaller so it will be a tiny bit easier but mainly 
because we could not get hold of the Singleton Park orienteering map so 
in the end we settled for the next best thing Brynmill Park! We are 
STILL meeting by the Gatehouse entrance to Singleton Park at the same 
time 6:30pm tomorrow.
   So for those of you who are a bit unsure about the aim of the game: 
The aim in orienteering is to get around a course made up of a series of 
control points, by working out a route between them from the map and 
reading your way along the route and finding the control points. The 
location of the control points are shown on the map by numbered circles 
in red. The controls are marked on the ground by a post on top of which 
is a plaque with a red and white orienteering symbol. There is a number, 
which corresponds to the same control point on the map, and a letter 
which you note down in the appropriate box on the control card to 
confirm your visit.
You will have to do all this whilst three legged.
Okay hope that all makes sense.   Bring torches and warm clothing and 
we will provide you with maps when you get there.
Look forward to seeing you all soon :)
P.s the orienteering will be followed by the pub!

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