[Hiking] Park in the Dark!

hiking hiking at sucs.org
Fri Jan 27 21:11:01 GMT 2012

Hi Guys,
Hope all your exams went well and you`re enjoying the post exam 
celebrations. Just a quick email to tell you about the next social!! The 
plan is a three legged orienteering race round Singleton Park and pub on 
the pond afterwards.  It will take place next Friday (3rd February), we 
will be meeting outside the gatehouse entrance of Singleton Park at 
6:30pm on Fridaaay. There will be prizes for the winners!
Bring torches, good water proof shoes (unless you like the satisfying 
feeling of taking of wet socks) and warm clothing as it may be a wee bit 
The more the merrier so come along and have fun in the lovely SAFE 
Singleton Park in the dark!

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