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Mon Mar 5 19:38:06 GMT 2012

Hi peeps,

I'm Kate and I'm an alcoholic and also the new publicity sec woop woop.

Just letting you know about the next hike from Amroth to Tenby,this is 
an A2 walk. This hike will be taking place on Sunday 11th March.
Pick up times are 9am at Uplands (Sainbury's Local), 9.05 at student 
village and 9.15 at uni.

Now committee news.
There is a brand new committee:
Chairwoman is now Hannah Lee
Vice chair: Toby Challis
Secretary: Hannah Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawre
Treasurer: Nathan Jones
Social secretary: Laura smells Adams
Publicity secretary: ME! most important person in hiking, even though 
some people wanted to get rid of my position
Webmaster: Russell Tanner
and (James)

The old committee would all like to say bye and that they have all 
enjoyed being on committee, except Sam Phillips who sucked at treasurer 
anyway. Well i think that's what they want to say I haven't actually 
asked them. I'm sure we all want to thank them as well for their 
brilliant job.

Now the bad news all the t-shirts have gone up by 50p, sorry guys life 

Kate Hunt

Swansea University Hiking Club
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         Friday 12:30-1:30
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