[Hiking] Rhinogs weekend away and orientbeering

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Fri May 18 10:19:41 BST 2012


I'm here to remind you again, about the amazing trip to the Rhinogs on 
the 1st of June. It should be really fun and won't be too expensive. 
Come to sign ups on Wednesday, there will be no sign ups on Fridays.

Also, there will be the orientbeering social on the 7th of June. 
Orientbeering, takes place in Clyne wood. You will get a map which will 
have points marked on it, which show the position of the beer. The first 
group to collect all the beer, will be the winner. Woop woop. This is a 
brilliant social which takes place every year.


Swansea University Hiking Club
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         Friday 12:30-1:30
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