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Great series...

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Tim Jenkins wrote:
> > - Daisy Duke shorts would never go out of style again.
> Don't ask me what these are I don't know either

Tim (and anyone else too damn young to be tellin rude jokes),
That one's easy. Imagine the most attractive woman you can think of,
Preferably one known for her particularily long and shapely legs.
Now put her in a pair of _short_ cut off denim shorts that would have to
be soooo short guys could tell at a glance if she was wearing underware.
Those are 'Daisy Duke' shorts :)
If you need any more clarification search the web for 'The Dukes Of
Hazzard' Web sites. Daisy was Bo'n'Luke Duke's cousin.
Yeeha (sound of deliverance in the background)


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