[Jokes] Survey reveals embarrassing PC moments

Chris McKenna cmckenna at sucs.swan.ac.uk
Thu May 31 16:12:09 BST 2001

Survey reveals embarrassing PC moments

An online survey has revealed some embarrassing PC moments.

Confessions include a woman who told a passing IT worker she'd been
pressing the F1 button for help for more than an hour and no one had
turned up.

The survey was carried out by Direct PC manufacturer Novatech.

It also revealed 25% of users had physically attacked their machines.

Four thousand two hundred people were questioned for the survey which
looked into people's relationships with computers.

Another computer novice admitted paying an IT engineer a £56 call-out fee
and £25 for the first hour to fix a "faulty monitor" - which hadn't been
plugged in.

Other mishaps included a computer programmer who turned on his machine
with three new clients present only to discover friends had downloaded a
'sound' greeting. It announced in a booming voice: "Hey, over here
everyone, I'm looking at porn! Woo Hoo! Porn! Porn over here!"

And one lady logged into a chat room called 'The whipped cream room',
presuming it was a room for cookery fans, only to discover a roomful of
"sexual deviants" into 101 ways of using whipped cream.

David Furby, managing director of Novatech , said: "We decided to do some
research into people's relationships with their computers and we were
amazed by some of the results.

"One of the most surprising - and pleasant - results was just how much
humour and social interaction they cause. Although in many of these cases,
it's probably not the sort of social interaction people were expecting."

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