[Jokes] The best exam question ever?

Chris McKenna cmckenna at sucs.swan.ac.uk
Sun Nov 11 16:01:04 GMT 2001

I found this on the University of Bristol's website, it is the final
question to be answered on a walk around the Floating Harbour in Bristol.
I think it is quite possibly the best question ever to have appeared as a
part of a genuine test or exam.


10. Make you way to a licensed establishment and furnish yourself with a
suitable product of the biotechnology industry.
Q12. How long does it take to drink a pint of beer? Design a fair test for
your hypothesis, include a list of necessary equipment and a risk
assessment. Finally, carry out your experiment and report your findings.

Chris 'Awkward' McKenna

cmckenna at sucs.swan.ac.uk
awkward at gmx.co.uk

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