[Jokes] Grand Oral Disseminator

Justin Mitchell arthur at sucs.org
Fri Oct 12 18:51:27 BST 2001

Dear GrandOralDisseminator,
or for reference to all those that know you 'Simon'

Im sure we are all grateful for that humourous little 'joke'
of yours, which is so obviously intended to inflame.
but i can be bigger than that, and shall rise above it,
of course i cannot speak for the others that you have
slandered with your little pun, what revenge they may choose
to exact upon you i have no control over.

And yes, slander is the word for such false and malicious statements
as those you have made.

You know you really should be more careful when creating files of any
kind in windows, especially in Word as you did, it has a nasty habit
of leaving a long trail of evidence.

Do you really have so little of a social life as to sit
indoors and concoct this type of puerile rubbish at 12:01 am ?

You should try getting out more, socialise a little, maybe even talk
to a few people, perhaps even a woman (shock horror), and if you manage
to do so with out trying to belittle or insult them (as you have often
been observed doing) you might actually make some friends...
But then, by all reports, i fear you may have already alienated
practically everybody on your course, including the lecturers !

Once you have some actual friends, then im certain that the need you
so obviously feel to vent your inner hatred and jealousies will fade
away and leave the rest of us to get on with our lives in peace.

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