[Jokes] Fwd: A Warning

Justin Mitchell arthur at sucs.org
Tue Oct 16 14:10:06 BST 2001

I thought you might like to read this...

> Something I felt I ought to share.  Yesterday I was on the Underground
> travelling on the Northern line.  An man of Arabic-appearance got off the
> train and I noticed that he had left his bag behind.  I grabbed the bag
> and ran after him, caught up with him at the top of the escalator and
> handed him back his bag.  He was extremely grateful to me and reached into
> his bag which appeared to contain large bundles of banknotes. He offered
> me a reward, but I refused.  So he looked round, made sure nobody was
> looking and whispered to me: "I can never repay your kindness sir, but I
> will try to with a word of advice for you.  Stay away from Aberdeen Steak
> Houses." I was terrified. "Is there going to be an attack?" I whispered.
> "No, sir" he whispered back "I went there yesterday evening...the food was
> sh*t and the dessert selection extremely limited."


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