[Jokes] Tax Advice

Tim Jenkins tim at timjenkins.co.uk
Mon Apr 22 13:16:29 BST 2002

In this week's budget, the Chancellor put up national insurance by 1%.
This means that you pay an extra penny NI for every pound you earn above
about £4800.

 For example, if you earn £30,000 per year, you'll pay an extra £252 in NI
 this year.
Fortunately, there's a legal way to claw back this cash by exploiting the
 fact that the duty on a pint of real-ale from a small brewery will fall by
 14p a pint.Roughly speaking, for every 7 pints you drink, you "earn" £1.
 So, in the example above, you can neutralise the effect of the NI increase
 by drinking an extra 1,764 pints of lovely, foaming Summer Lightning this
 year.  This is about 5 pints a night.
 Obviously, people who earn more than this will have to drink more.  For
 instance, if you earned £60k, you'd have to find room for 10 pints a

 Here's to tax avoidance!  Hic.

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