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The essential things in life are seen not with the eyes,
but with the heart

Antoine de Saint Exupery

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I liked it; unfortunately I found this one too (for pity's sake keep it
quiet and don't let Co see it!!)


1 Introduction to common domestic objects I- The Mop
2 Introduction to common domestic objects II- The Sponge
3 Knowing the limitations of kitchen ware - Dishes need washing
4 Dressing Up - Beyond funerals and weddings
5 Refrigerator forensics - Identifying and removing the dead
6 Design - Pattern or Splatter sign on the linoleum?
7 Accepting loss I - If its empty you can throw it away
8 Accepting Loss II - If the milk's off, keeping it in the fridge wont bring
it back
9 Going to the supermarket - Not just for women
10 Recycling skills - Throwing away boxes that electronics came in
11 Recycling skills - Throwing away the styrofoam that came in the boxes
that the electronics came in
12 Bathroom etiquette I - Rinsing beard clippings down the sink
13 Bathroom etiquette II - Five easy ways to tell when you are about to run
out of toilet paper
14 Bathroom etiquette III - Improving your aim
15 Bathroom Etiquette IV - Leaving the seat down.
16 Romance - More than a cable channel
17 Dining out - Beyond Pizza Hut
18 Travel - Its OK to ask for directions
19 TV Remotes  - Sharing
20 Adventures in housekeeping I - Making the bed
21 Adventures in housekeeping II - Hoovering under the bed
22 Adventures in housekeeping III - Tidying cupboards
23 Accepting your limitations - Just because you have power tools does not
mean you can fix it.

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