[Jokes] So, it's like a bunch of tribal folk, you know...

Chris McKenna cmckenna at sucs.org
Tue Feb 26 12:13:33 GMT 2002

Once upon a time, in a far-away pleasant tropical land, lived a happy
tribe of people... Though a small tribe, they were a proud tribe.  Well,
they were more of a happy extended family, than a tribe; as they all
slept in the same grass hut. It was a large hut, as grass huts go,
because they also had their chiefs throne in the hut.  The throne was
awkward to move about, as it was made of stone.  It was awkward to live
with as it was very large, even the LARGE grass hut that the people lived
in was only just big enough to contain the throne.
Sleeping arrangements were difficult. At night, in the light of the
tiki-torches, it would appear that battle had just been done, the dead
strewn carelessly around the throne.

The pride of the chief was offended by this sight.  He thought long and
hard about this and while gazing up at the roof he had a moment of
inspiration. The throne could be stored in the attic, or whatever it is
that passes for an attic in a grass hut.

The next day, the chief gathered his tribe and explained his plan. He
showed how it would provide all of the people some elbow room at night.
They would have the floor of the hut to sleep on.  This excited the
islanders very much and they set to the taks with a will, twining up
great quantities of cord and running the ropes through the rafters of the
building.  They bound the throne tightly and with surprising ease, they
hoisted the throne off the floor.

They were awed by the acquisition of floorspace, but after a little
conversation and gossip, they extinguished the tiki-torches and went to
sleep in the wide open floor.

As you may guess, late in the night the weight of the throne obeyed the
law of gravity and the walls of the hut gave up their burden.  The throne
crashed to the floor and squished all of the tribe.

The lesson of the story is that people who live in grass houses shouldn't
stow thrones.


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