[Jokes] Rubber Factory

Tim Jenkins tim at timjenkins.co.uk
Fri Jan 4 20:11:50 GMT 2002

A guy is going on a tour of a factory that produces 
various latex products. At the first stop, 
he is shown the machine that manufactures baby-bottle nipples. 
The machine makes a loud "hiss-pop" noise. 
"The hiss is the rubber being injected into the mold," 
explains the guide. "The popping sound is the needle poking 
a hole in the end of the nipple." Later, the tour reaches 
the part of the factory where condoms are manufactured. 
The machine makes a "Hiss. Hiss. Hiss. Hiss-pop" noise. 
"Wait a minute!" says the man taking the tour. 
"I understand what the 'hiss, hiss,' is, but what's that 
'pop' every so often?" "Oh, it's just the same as in the 
baby-bottle nipple machine," says the guide. 
It pokes a hole in every fourth condom." "Well, that 
can't be good for the condoms!" "Yeah, but it's great 
for the baby-bottle nipple business!"

There are no bad guys, Just mentally disturbed Guys

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