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A rabbit and a bear are wandering through a wood (it's the same pair from
the "pit" joke, so the rabbit is very P*ssed off with the bear). Suddenly
they bump in to a Golden Frog.
"blast it - ribbit" says the frog, "you've seen me, now I have to grant each
of you 3 wishes".
"I'll go first" says the bear (typically)
"Frog, I wish all the other bears in this forest are female and fancy me"
(male bear - obviously)
"Hmmm ribbit typical" says the frog "Ribbit - ok all the other bears in this
forest are female, your turn rabbit"
"I'd like a crash helmet with 2 holes for my ears" said the rabbit
" HuH?? I mean Ribbit?" said the frog "OK - Ribbit" and a shiny crash helmet
with two comfortable holes appeared on the rabbit's head.
"What a waste" said the bear, "Now for my 2nd wish frog, make all the other
bears in this country female"
"Ribbit - ambitious aren't you?? Ribbit Ribbit, Ok all the other bears in
this country are female"
"Right" said the rabbit "may I have a shiny fast motorbike please Mr Frog?"
"Ribbit, Ribbit" went the frog and a kawasaki ninja, fully fuelled, appeared
next to the rabbit, who hopped on and started it.
"What a loser" said the bear "you've wasted your wishes, now I'm going for
the BIG one. Frog! make ALL the other bears in the World female!!"
"Riibbbbbiitttttttt! ooosh RIiiiiibbbitttttt blurgghh" said the golden frog
with a look of pain, "Ok all the other bears in the world are female, and as
a bonus I've made them all fancy you and able to sense wherever you are at
any time".
"Wonderfull" said the bear with a horny gleam in his eye "you see rabbit?
I'm never going to be short of a shag ever again, whereas you've only got a
crash helmet and a fast motorbike, you weirdo"
The rabbit turned to the frog, revved his engine and said in a steady voice
"Ok Frog, I wish the bear was homosexual"

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