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Can you move the meter so it wont cause an obstruction in my passage?

The electric man did it through the floorboards but your man put it in my front passage where everyone can see it.

I don't like it as much in the kitchen as i did in the showroom.

Since you put a new pipe from the mains to our house, me and my husband dread going to bed because of a slight discharge. We think there is a leak just before it enters.

I told my husband it was safe to leave it in all night but he won't. If he came to the showrooms like i did can the lady satisfy him behind the counter and talk him out of it?

I told him mine was no good but if it was altered i can get the north sea in.

I have heard there are two ways you can have it and it works out cheaper the more you get it if you have it the other way.

I am not satisfied with an apprentice so will you send a man to do it properly?

My wife will re ready for your man if you let her know when he is coming on a postcard.

I will try and pay before the end of the month and my husband will be surprised if you cut it off without telling him

My husband is pretty handy but he says your men can do it better because of their tools.

It has got slack with use and my husband cannot make it tight no matter how he tries, so for the time being we are making do with an old gas ring.

My slot is not blocked now but your salesmen made an awful mess banging their tools on the wall

Since i made arrangements with your salesman i am having a baby and would like to change it for a drying cabinet

My neighbour has a bigger one than me and it makes a difference to her water when she fills the bath

My husband was under the impression that i was getting it at reduced rates but your salesman didn't use his head and got me into trouble

It is about time your workman came back and filled the hole because we are fed up with having it in the street, it's a big attraction and we are getting children by the dozen.

The woman who is after the house says she is not keen on it so if she gets it can your man stand by to take it out before she comes?

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