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Tony Blair was on a tour of a multi-denominational school in Belfast 
and he asked the classroom, "Give me an example of a tragedy"
little Presbyterian girl stood up and said,
"If a person fell off a tree whilst playing, that would be a
tragedy".Very good", said Blair, "but that would not be a tragedy, that
would be an accident!" 

A little Methodist boy stood up and said, If a 
busload of children crashed off a cliff, that would be a tragedy!"
Another good one, answered Tony, "but that would not be a tragedy, 
that would be a great loss". A little Catholic boy stood up and 
said, "If you were in a helicopter flying over Ireland, Mr. Blair, 
and it blew up, then that would be tragedy!".

"Excellent", said Tony feeling very flattered and pleased with 
himself, "but how did you know that was a tragedy?" "Well", said 
the young lad, "It wouldn't be a great loss and it certainly 
wouldn't be a bloody accident".

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