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Antoine de Saint Exupery

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There are dozens of legends about dirty jokes that famous personalities have
allegedly told on the air. One yarn has it that Soupy Sales was trying to
teach the alphabet to White Fang the dog. Soupy would point at an x, say,
and ask, "OK, Fang, what letter is this?" Fang would grunt something, and
Soupy would say, "Very good. And what letter is this?" This continued until
they got to f. When Fang grunted his answer, Soupy said, "No, no, it's not
k, it's f." They went on to some other letters, and then came back to f.
Fang again grunted an answer, and Soupy said in an exasperated tone, "No,
Fang, I told you, it's not k. What gives? Every time I show you an f, you
see k!"

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