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This came from a friend, I thought you might enjoy


The oldest technical manual in the English language.
<http://art-bin.com/art/oastro.html>  Share and enjoy! -- Paul D

It's a hands-on, how-to piece: "A Tretis [Treatise] on the Astrelabie
[Astrolabe]" written by Geoffrey Chaucer, in approx. 1391; it's
addressed to "Lyte Lowys" ("little Lewis"), whom Chaucer was trying to

Some things haven't changed much. I just got a new PC. Its manual

      "The following pages display the front and back of your
      computer. Use these illustrations to become familiar with your
      PC and its connectors..."

What Chaucer wrote, 600 years ago, wasn't very different:

      "The firste partie of this tretys shal reherse the figures and
      the membres of thyn Astrelabie by cause that thou shalt have
      the gretter knowing of thyn owne instrument...."

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