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Subject: The Fuel Pump

A man was driving through west Texas one spring evening. The road 
was deserted and he had not seen a soul for what seemed like hours.

 Suddenly his car started to cough and splutter and the engine 
slowly died away, leaving him sitting on the side of the road in 
total silence.

 He popped the hood and looked to see if there was anything that he 
could do to get it going again.  Unfortunately, he had a limited 
knowledge of cars, so all he could do was look at the engine, 
feeling despondent.

As he stood looking at the gradually fading light of his flashlight, 
he cursed that he had not put in new batteries, like he had promised 

Suddenly, through the inky shadows, came a deep voice, "It's your 
fuel pump."

The man raised up quickly, striking his head on the underside of 
the hood. "Who said that?" he demanded.

There were two horses standing in the fenced field alongside the 
road, and the man was amazed when the nearest of the two horses 
repeated, "It's your fuel pump. Tap it with your flashlight, and try 
it again."

Confused, the man tapped the fuel pump with his flashlight, turned 
the key and sure enough, the engine roared to life. He muttered a 
short thanks to the horse and screeched away.

When he reached the next town, he ran into the local bar. "Gimme a 
large whiskey, please!" he said.

A rancher sitting at the bar looked at the man's ashen face and 
asked, "What's wrong, man? You look like you've seen a ghost!"

"It's unbelievable," the man said and recalled the whole tale to the 

The rancher took a sip of his beer and looked thoughtful. "A hore, 
you say? Was it by any chance a white horse?"

The man replied to the affirmative. "Yes, it was! Am I crazy?"

"No, you ain't crazy. In fact, you're lucky," said the rancher, 
"because that black horse don't know a God Damned thing about cars!"

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