[Jokes] Mr Cadbury & Mrs Rowntree

Chris McKenna cmckenna at sucs.org
Thu Feb 17 17:31:39 GMT 2005

Mr Cadbury and Ms Rowntree met on a coach journey, it was After Eight.
She was from Quality Street; he was a Fisherman's Friend.
On the way they stopped at a Yorkie Bar, he had a Rum & Butter and she had 
a Wine Gum.
He asked her name, "Polo - I'm the one with the hole", she said.
"I'm the one with the Nuts", he thought.
Then he touched her Milky Way.
They checked in and went straight to the bedroom.
Mr Cadbury turned out the light for a bit of Black Magic.
It wasn't long before he slipped his hand into her Snickers and felt the 
contrast of her Double Decker.
Then he showed her his Curly Wurly.
But Ms Rowntree wasn't keen as she already had a few Jelly Babies, so she 
let him take a trip
down Bourneville Boulevard.
He was pleased as he always fancied a bit of Fudge.
It was a Magic Moment as she let out a scream of Turkish Delight.
When he came out his Fun Sized Mars Bar felt a bit Crunchie.
She wanted more but he decided to take a Time Out.
However, he noticed her Pink Wafers looked very appetising.  So he did a 
Twirl and had a Picnic in her Sherbert.
At the same time he gave her a Gob Stopper.
Unfortunately Mr Cadbury had to go home to his wife, Caramel.
Sadly, he was soon to discover he had caught V. D. It turns out Ms 
Rowntree had a Box of
Assorted Creams.
She had been with All Sorts.

Chris 'Awkward' McKenna

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