[Jokes] No more delays on Vrgin Cross-Country trains? (fwd)

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Birmingham, United Kingdom 2006-08-02

Virgin Cross-Country have today unveiled their latest strategy to improve 
the punctuality and reliability of its Class 220 and 221 "Voyager" 

Speaking to reporters at the news conference Virgin Cross-Country's 
Managing Director Chris Gibb explained that having tried more conventional 
methods of transporting passengers around its extensive network without 
success since the introduction of its much hailed new trains, the time had 
come for its staff to think outside the box and come up with a dynamic 
new solution to the challenge of running at 21st Century railway. 

Praising highly the innovation of staff at all levels in the 
organisation, Mr Gibb did say that when he first heard of the idea he was 
"blown away" by the simplicity of it, "particularly when I realised we 
could get into the government's good books and get some of their cash, by 
helping communities in the West Midlands devastated by the closure of the car 
plants as well as improving our own punctuality figures.

"The former workers at plants like Longbridge have the perfect range of 
skills to fulfil the new roles this renaissance of rail travel has 

The "synergistic new approach" will not only see a doubling in the average 
speed of trains on the cross-country network, but major improvements 
in the reliability figures are also expected. 

Asked how these performance enhancing measures would be funded, My Gibb 
explained that the combination of grants from the government for helping 
people from deprived areas gain access to useful employment, the reduced 
number and value of fines imposed for poor performance and money 
previously spent on repairs would become available to pay for the new 
staff members.

No firm timetable for the introduction of the new services was given, but 
off the record discussions have suggested the roll-out will begin in 
around 2-3 months.

<IMG SRC="http://www.sucs.org/~cmckenna/pictures/voyager.jpg">An artist's 
impression of the new look Virgin Cross-Country trains</a>.
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