[SUCS] Important, concerning the future of the Computer Society

David 'The Raven' Chisnall theraven at sucs.org
Sat Oct 5 17:52:12 BST 2002

This announcement is IMPORTANT please read it all.

This notice only applies to currently paid-up student members of the 

In the next few days the Student Union may email you,
it is Vital that you respond to this email promptly.

As you should all be aware, each year SUCS uses the majority of
its collected membership fees to improve the services we offer
to you, by means of buying and upgrading our computer systems,
in the most cost effect way to provide the greatest gain for all.

This year, we have used some of this years monies, and money
collected over the previous year to buy the two new workstations
which you have seen in the room. These have greatly improved the
quality of service at all the workstations in the room, as well as
provided 2 new superior terminals.

However, the SU has taken it upon itself to interfere with our normal
procedure, and has demanded that at least 51% of you respond to their
query confirming that you approve of this use of funds.

Otherwise they will not give us back the money we have in our Private
account, and we will be forced to sell off this new equipment to clear
the debt, leaving your membership fees unusable in the unions pocket.

The quality of service SUCS is able to offer you now, and in the future,
is dependant on all of you letting the SU Treasurer know that you approve
of us using your membership fees (and other money we have raised) on
improving these services.

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