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David 'TheRaven' Chisnall theraven at sucs.org
Mon Jun 2 00:36:19 BST 2003

Beach Party

The annual beach party to celebrate the end of the exams will be
held, as usual on the final day of exams.  This year that is the 7th
of June.  We will be starting at 7pm, and some barbecued food will be
provided, although you may wish to bring some of your own as well
(there will be space on the BBQ).  Bring your own drink.
More details are available at Dave's Party Page(tm):

Disclaimer:  As usual, this is not an official SUCS social, and is
in no way associated with SUCS.  All SUCS members are invited.

New Workstations

We have three new workstations (two are actually new, one PII 350 was
donated by an old member).  This leaves us with only 2 ancient Sun
Sparcstations, which we hope to phase out soon.  


We have recently acquired a flatbed scanner, which has been placed in
the room for general use.


A new section has been added to the SUCS web site, FreeBees, run by
our own Jason Bees, containing old equipment that we have not been
able to sell.  If you can provide a safe and caring home for some of
this highly valuable and rare, uh, junk then please contact Jason.  

The FreeBees site is (temporarily) located at:

Don't forget that SUCS offers a number of services to all of our
members (http://www.sucs.org/services/).  If you need help with any
of these please contact the admin team by email (admin at sucs.org) or
through the form found on this page:

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