[SUCS] Beach Party - 4th June

Andrew Price welshbyte at sucs.org
Mon May 23 13:35:24 BST 2005

Get ready to be sandy, sunburnt and sozzled.

The annual post-exam Beach Party will be held on Saturday 4th June.

We will be heading over the beach from 7pm on the 4th to celebrate the 
coming of summer, the going of the academic year and the knocking back 
of plenty of alcohol.

Bring along your own drink and food in proportion to your own appetite, 
as there sadly aren't any pubs or kebab shops on the beach.

We look forward to seeing you there (by bonfire light) even if you're 
one of the mysterious people who signed up to SUCS at Freshers' Fayre 
and dropped below radar for the rest of the year.

For directions and some crazy photos of previous beach parties to get an
idea of what's going on, see:


See you there!

Good luck in your remaining exams.

Andrew Price
SUCS President


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