[SUCS] Meet and Greet

William Blackstock wedge at sucs.org
Sun Oct 2 13:53:56 BST 2005

Hello everyone,

And a very special hello to all the Freshers' and new members of our
wonderful Computer Society, it's a pleasure to have you with us. So much
so, in fact, that we want to meet as many of you as can make it in JC's
next Wednesday (the 5th of October) around 6-ish. We'll be in the
so-called 'quiet area' which is the side behind the main bar. If you're
unsure where exactly to go, head into Fulton House (the big building in
the middle of campus) from the front then take a left followed by a right
when you reach the Corner Shop. Keep going through doors, past Au
Boulanger, until you reach some stairs then head up, past the Refectory to
the second floor where JC's can be found.
Old members are equally welcome to join us all for fun and assorted
merriment. This will just be a casual sort of thing where you can get to
know the exec, learn more about the society and make some friends. We look
forward to seeing you there and then and, if you can't make it, then in
the room. (If you still haven't found it, directions can be found online
at http://sucs.org/services/room.php along with a map).

William Blackstock (wedge)
SUCS Publicity Officer

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