[SUCS] Hello from the new exec!

James Frost frosty at sucs.org
Wed Jan 18 16:01:39 GMT 2006

Hello Computer Society member!

Happy New Year!

In case you missed the news, the new society exec are:
President - James Frost (frosty)
Secretary - Sean Handley (talyn256)
Publicity Officer - Chris Elsmore (elsmorian)
Treasurer - Andrew Price (welshbyte)

I'd like to let you know that we'll be continuing to have regular
socials in JCs Bar at 1pm on Friday afternoons. These were a brilliant
success last year, and hopefully they'll continue to be - please come

We'll be in touch with you all soon to keep you up to date with our
plans for the society.

And remember - feel free to gather in JCs at 1pm on Friday, as usual,
although bear in mind that attendance may be down (or up?) due to
exams for the next two weeks.

On behalf of myself, and the rest of the new exec, I'd like to wish
everyone the best of luck in exams and hope you all have a great year.

James Frost (frosty)
Swansea University Computer Society President

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