[SUCS] Beach Party Cleanup

Stephen Pike stringfellow at sucs.org
Sat May 27 12:38:53 BST 2006

Hi guys,
    Hopefully we are all gonna have a laugh at the beach party, if past
years are anything to go by. However, in past years (well, last year
anyway) I was disgusted by the mess left by everyone. The folks who were
left at the end made an effort to clear up, but myself and Andy
(welshbyte) took it upon ourselves to clear up the remnants of the bonfire.
        OK, Swansea bay is not the loveliest beach in the world, but its
still a beach, and its still part of our world. I don't want to get too
deep and meaningful but we as geeks use should make a concerted effort
to help keep our world luvverly.
    Nails and bits of glass from (idiots who throw bottles onto)
bonfires are not pretty, and are even less pretty when firmly stuck in
the sole of some 5 year olds left foot.
So, this year I'm requesting at least 5 members (including myself) to
clear up the beach the morning after (Sunday 11th).
For this you will need:
    -Gloves or similar
    -A bag or 3
    -About an hour
    -Probably some decent shoes
    -Maybe a digging tool (but not a spoon, they're too small.)
Please let me know if you will be available to help out, email me:
stringfellow at sucs.org

I expect to do this late morning as I'm sure I'll be hungover.

Lots of love,

PS- if I don't get enough volunteers I'll volunteer you by means of
random projectile throwing (read: frisbee KO).

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