[SUCS] SUCS at 20

Kat saya at sucs.org
Sun Aug 5 12:31:38 BST 2007

SUCS is 20 years old!

Or it will be in 2008, so we're looking for all sorts of information from  
all of our members: former, old and new.

We would like your help collecting anything about the history of the  
society, photos from over its 20 years and any anecdotes from your time in  
the society.

Any useful nuggets of information that you send us will be catalogued on  
the SUCS at 20 website at: http://twenty.sucs.org

If you have anything, please send it to this e-mail address:  
twenty at sucs.org .

Thanks :)

Dez and Kat
SUCS Presidents '97-'99 and '07

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