[SUCS] This Year's AGM and Talks

saya at sucs.org saya at sucs.org
Thu Mar 1 18:10:24 GMT 2007

Hi guys,

Just to let you know we are having an Annual General Meeting (AGM) on
Tuesday, 13th March at 6pm in room 248 of the Kier Hardie Building. An AGM
is where the society gets together and decides where we want to go or what
we want to do for the rest of this year, and what we did last year.
All members are welcome so please come! If you have any issues you want to
raise or any ideas for the agenda, send them to exec at sucs.org :) The
agenda will be posted on the notice board and the website before the

Also in the week before the Easter break, on the 20th (again 6pm in room
248), we will be having some lightning talks for SUCS members by SUCS
members. These will generally be around ten minutes long each and on
topics that will be interesting and related to, well, computers :P
We already have a few people to do talks (check out this thread:
https://sucs.org/Community/Forum/viewtopic.php?id=118), but we need more
so if you would like to do one send an e-mail to exec at sucs.org saying so
and what you want to talk about. We will send another e-mail out closer to
the time to let you know what talks will be happening.

Should be fun :)

SUCS President

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