[SUCS] Yes, It's That Time Of Year Again

saya at sucs.org saya at sucs.org
Sun May 27 16:06:09 BST 2007

Hi there most excellent SUCS members,

Summer is nearly here, the exams are nearly over (w00t \o/), and the
highlight of our social calendar is fast approaching - the fabled Annual
SUCS Beach Party.

The beach party has been a SUCS tradition for many years now and has built
up a well-deserved reputation. It's the time of year when all the members
(old and new) crawl out of the woodwork and come together to celebrate the
end of exams and the start of Summer in beautiful harmony.

So if sand, sea and celebration are your idea of fun then come down and
join us. We will be on the beach at around 7pm on Saturday June 9th and
will likely be there until the early hours of the following morning.


(From the motorway)

    - Turn off M4 at Swansea (Junction 42)
    - This leads to Fabian Way, continue driving straight on through
Swansea - This turns into Oystermouth Road (sea front) To Beach Party

(On foot)

    - Continue along Oystermouth road until you pass the university on
your right
    - At next lights (bottom of Sketty Lane) turn left into car park -
Walk down path onto beach, should be a short way out to the left

A map is available here: http://sucs.org/uri/1J

Please bring however much food and drink you are likely to need (and
remember there aren't any shops near the beach, so come prepared).

We hope to see you there :)

The SUCS Exec.

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