[SUCS] Nominations and Voting

Election vote at sucs.org
Thu Nov 27 11:07:19 GMT 2008

Hi everyone!

This is just a reminder that the nominations for exec positions close
at 12 noon on Friday, and that the following people still need
seconders (A close reading of the constitution reveals that you need
two people who aren't you to put you forward for a position) sorry to
those who thought otherwise.

Treasurer - mistake, tswsl1989 
Publicity - foshjedi2004 
Secretary - insacuri

So far we have only two seconded candidates:

President - eclipse, foshjedi2004

So, if you need seconding or proposing you have until noon Friday.

Some notes about voting:

The vote page will be here https://sucs.org/vote/ and voting will be
in the week 1st - 7th December (Midnight to midnight).

You will need to use your SUCS user name and password.

ONLY STUDENT MEMBERS CAN VOTE. Votes cast by societies, honorary 
members, graduated life and alumni members will not be counted.

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