[SUCS] Lightning Talks/New Social!

kyara at sucs.org kyara at sucs.org
Tue Sep 30 18:17:18 BST 2008

Hey everyone!

On Thursday the 16th of October, we will be holding another awesome
Lightning Talks session. It will be at 6pm in the Robert Recorde Room (in
the Faraday building). If you have never been to a session, Lightning
are short 10 minute talks given by SUCS members on any subject that
interests them. We already have several confirmed talkers, but there may
be time on the night for additional speakers, so if you're interested in
doing a talk yourself, please contact the exec on exec at sucs.org so that we
have some idea of the number of people talking.

To find out more or watch some of our past lightning talks, visit

As some of you are busy at 1pm on Friday, we've decided to have another
JC's social at 12pm on Monday. It will be in the quiet side of JC's
(coffee side) just look out for the people with laptops :) This will be in
addition to the Friday social, but don't feel like you have to turn up to

See you all there :)

Jocelyn Konrad-Lee
SUCS Publicity Officer

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