[SUCS] Exec Elections 2009

Chris Melvin foshjedi2004 at silver.sucs.swan.ac.uk
Mon Nov 23 15:22:45 GMT 2009

Dear SUCS members,

The time has come to elect your new SUCS exec for 2010!

Nominations are now open.  To nominate someone for a committee position, 
email vote at sucs.org saying who and for which position.

Candidates must receive a minimum of 2 nominations from current student 
members to stand for a position, neither of which can be the member 
themselves as put forth in the constitution.

The SUCS exec consists of:

- President: Figurehead of the Society and general administrator.
- Treasurer: Deals with the society's accounts and general financial 
- Secretary: Deals with paperwork and takes minutes during meetings.
- Publicity Officer: Deals with posters and other publicity materials and 
generally advertises the society.

These positions are all non-technical, but do not preclude getting 
involved with the technical side of the society.  They all have leadership 
and team working aspects which Employers find attractive on CVs.
For more information on getting involved with the technical administration 
of the society please email admin at sucs.org

If you'd like to find out more about the positions a number of previous 
exec members, as well as your current exec, can often be found on 
Milliways, our BBS talker system.
For more details on Milliways please see 

Please remember that these positions are open to everyone in the Society 
with only one proviso.  That you are expected to be a student in Semester 
1 2010.

This is your chance to get involved and shape the future of the society 
and getting some great experience for a number of transferable skills, it 
doesn't matter what you study either!  Everyone brings a new viewpoint to 
the society exec and how it should run.

If there are more than one candidate for each position then a vote will be 

All nominations must be submitted by 12 noon on Sunday 29th November.
Voting will then commence from 12 midnight on the morning of Monday 30th 
November for a period of 1 week.

Reminders and more details will follow throughout the election process.

To keep up-to-date with election news and to read candidate manifestos, visit 
the Election Blog, at: http://sucs.org/Blogs/vote

       Chris Melvin
       SUCS Publicity Officer

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