[SUCS] Notice of AGM

Robert James rjames93 at sucs.org
Thu Mar 14 17:05:47 GMT 2013

With accordance to Section 3.1 Members' Meetings (found here 
https://sucs.org/About/Constitution), this is the 1 week notice of the 
AGM which is in the Robert Recorde Room at 6pm on Thursday 21th of 
March. My apologies for the lateness, due to this we will be accepting 
motions up till 6pm on Monday 18th, if anyone wishes to raise a motion 
please email exec at sucs.org before this deadline and we will distribute 
the amendedagenda.

1- Present/Apologies
2- Minutes from last meeting
3- Matters Arising
4- Treasurer's Report
5- Secretary's Report
6- President's Report
7- Motions (If any)
8- AOB

Robert James (rjames93)
SUCS President.

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