[SUCS] Scheduled Maintenance Friday 29th of January at 5PM

Imran Hussain imranh at sucs.org
Wed Jan 27 16:33:31 GMT 2016


As the University IT team will be bringing everything down to install a 
less melted UPS, we will be taking this time to to perform some upgrades 
of our own.

Because of this, all our servers will be restarted.

Expect our internet connection to be unstable over this period. (People 
in the room might lose internet connectivity without notice!)

Save your work, shut down your VMs, do whatever you got to do, and 
cross your fingers!

We intend to be back up whenever the ISS is :)

However if you can't wait outpost will be available, so make sure you 
know your MW password!

You can connect to outpost by SSH'ing into outpost.sucs.org using the 
username and password "bbs".

The society's Facebook and Twitter might get updated so keep an eye on 
https://fb.com/SwanseaUniversityComputerSociety and 


Imran Hussain

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