[SUCS] Mailbox security information

Laurence Sebastian Bowes elbows at sucs.org
Tue May 10 00:50:46 BST 2016


It has come to our attention that many of our users' ~/mail folders were
world readable. This means that anything stored inside them would be
able to be read by other users. Normally this includes mailbox folders
like Trash and Sent, however your main inbox is stored on
another part of our server and was not affected by this issue.

It is our belief that this was due to an oversight on our part.

In this instance we felt obliged to step in and fix the problem
ourselves, so within 10 minutes of the problem being noticed, the admin
team had patched it.

Your ~/mail folder has been given the permissions '700', which means
only you can read and write to it.

To learn more about file permissions you can follow the link below and
read more:

Any questions or queries, please contact us.

Laurence Sebastian Bowes
SUCS President 2016

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