[SUCS] New Colour Printer

Alexander Moras president at sucs.org
Tue Apr 17 21:24:09 BST 2018

Hey everyone!

We've just finished setting up a brand new *colour* printer in the SUCS 
room. Just like the old one, the printer supports duplex so you can 
print double-sided and as usual, it uses 1 print token per page 
regardless of whether it's colour or black and white. We'll keep an eye 
to see if we start running out of toner too quickly, if so we might 
charge more tokens for colour but for now, it's still just 1 per page.

The printer is accessible from any SUCS desktop by simply opening the 
file you wish to print and selecting 'SUCS' in the print menu. We're 
building a new website at the moment to allow for printing from other 
devices - I'm hoping to get that up and running in the next few weeks.

Anyways, that's everything for now. We're still trying to work out what 
we can do to improve the society and that includes what events we can 
run. See you in The Room.



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