[SUCS] Notes from SUCS Lunch Wednesday 14:00 6th February 2019

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Wed Feb 6 22:59:53 GMT 2019

Dear Everyone,

Following on from the meet today at 2pm, for those of you who were 
unable to attend, we have created some meeting notes! As follows:

##Meeting at 2pm, 6th of February 2019

_The Purpose of these meetings is to gather information for the upcoming 
year of 2019 that is easily accessible to members and committee, so that 
we can recall what has been discussed._

1. Key handing over took place between old and new Presidents. It was 
suggested that there should be a significantly more structured system 
for new admin staff and positions of responsibility within the society. 
This can be implemented and discussed at a later date.

2. Few active members with sudo access on Silver. Over the next year we 
need to increase roles of responsibility within the society. Having 
access to this equipment is a major benefit and Silver is a single great 
asset to SUCS.

3. Following this we need to look into purchasing a new backup server 
for SUCS along with all other equipment that is deemed essential - in 
doing so we need to create a system where we can rank essential future 
spending  of the society - for all to see.

4. Two main projects were suggested that can be utilized in rewarding 
events for members:
  * Implementing a voting system that is even more transparent that what 
is currently in place.
  * Implementing a better website, including moving to a microservice 
architecture (implemented with django as suggested by Vectre).

5. It was discussed that there were too many chat services available, or 
it seems that way. It was suggested that we stick to mw [1] and Discord 
[2] (currently being pushed) for ideas and projects we can make use of 
GitLab [3].

6. It was emphasised that Discord will be moderated to the extent that 
if there is any racist behavior and cruelty, these people would be 
immediately removed.

7. It was discussed how to appeal to new members. Such events suggested 
  * Obscure Languages Night
  * Capture the Flag
  * Coffee and Code, and SUCS drinks needs to be taken to Bay during the 
  * Lightning Talks
  * Building relationships and events with other societies.
  * Offer existing opportunities in a better format. Many opportunities 
exist with services such as Discovery, Oriel Science, discounts at 
Insomnia, and other inter University events.

8. It was briefly discussed that we should make the governance of SUCS 
more equal, perhaps by implementing a 'Chair' based system as opposed to 
a Presidency. It should be emphasised that the role of the exec is to 
facilitate and help members, not to rule or dictate.

9. Room bookings and procedures with the SU were discussed including who 
to go to seek help and information with paperwork etc.

[1]: https://sucs.org/Community/Milliways
[2]: https://chat.sucs.org/
[3]: https://projects.sucs.org/

Any questions or anything people wish to discuss, please feel free to 
come to SUCS Lunch next Wednesday the 13th of February at 16:00 in JCs. 
Everyone is welcome, all opinions and input appreciated.

Kind Regards,

Colours (on behalf of the Exec.)
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