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Sun Oct 15 14:58:39 BST 2006

Hey Guys,

This Saturday (21st Oct) is our gear night so anyone
wanting their own shoes, harness, chalk bag or other
climbing gear should come along for sure.
It will be hosted at Dynamic Rock; where we normally
climb on Mondays.
There will be a free minibus there and also spaces in
cars if the minibus is full. Be sure to be at Fulton
House in plenty of time to leave at around 6.

The night will consist of you getting to try out shoes
and harnesses to see if you like them, before being
offered them at a discount, last year there were packs
available with everything you'll need, all at
reasonable prices. 
After everyone is kitted out there's a bouldering
competition with prizes. If like me (last year) you're
new to the sport you can enter the beginners section
and compete against all the other new comers. There’s
also an experienced grouping, so if you've climbed
before this year you can see if you're tough enough to
beat the others who've climbed before. Stay in either
long enough and you win a prize...will you be man (or
woman) enough?
Food and drink will available as well. It should be a
fun night, and even if you don't want to buy anything
it's still worth turning up to try on all the gear so
you know what it's like if or when you think you are
ready. And you could win something.

And also don't forget about the regular trips. Mon to
Dynamic Rock (Fulton House - 5ish), Thurs to the
Sports Hall (7ish).

Spread the word to all your climbing friends because
the emails aren't getting through to everyone just
yet. Hopefully that will be fixed soon.

From, Tim

UWSMC Committee 
Web: www.uwsmc.org.uk

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