[UWSMC] Portland Trip --- Also Some General stuff at the end.

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Thu Oct 26 19:57:02 BST 2006

Hi Guys, 
Sorry if you're not coming but I forgot to take a note
of the people that have signed up for it for this
email so it's going out to everyone.
Everyone who signed up for the trip should meet
tomorrow outside Fulton House at 4pm. We'll be leaving
as soon as everyone is there. Let us know if you're
not going to be there on time and we'll try and sort
something out, but we won't wait too long.

Now onto the important stuff: Stuff you should bring.
If you have any climbing gear bring it, this
definately includes shoes and harnesses. Also if you
have and Quickdraws, slings, Karabiners etc they would
be useful as there are alot of people climbing using
alot of gear each.
Other than that, a change of clothes or two, a
sleeping bag, pillow etc. And food for Saturday and
Sunday mornings. We'll becoming back Sunday night.

General stuff:

This monday we won't be going to Dynamic Rock due to
the Portland trip, we will however be going to the
international Welsh Climbing Center (at Bargoed).
This will be on Friday, meeting outside Fulton House
at 5. This is really important for anyone who hasn't
passed a Belay test as they offer one there, it's
quick easy, and an official qualification (it was also
free last year, haven't been able to check about it
this year yet though).
Theres room for around 16, so be sure to sign up asap.

From, Tim

UWSMC Committee 

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