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Fri Feb 2 01:21:14 GMT 2007

Hi Guys,

Hope you all had a nice Christmas and your exams went
well, and you're ready to come back to climbing again.

The plan is to go to Gower this weekend to do a
combination of Bouldering (since there are up coming
competitions) and Trad Climbing. If you're interested
it's happening on Sunday, meeting at 9:00am outside
Fulton House. (WEATHER PERMITTING - If in doubt check
with one of us first)
We need drivers for this. If you've got a car and
don't mind driving that would be very helpful, the
people you take will take care of fuel costs. (There
is going to be a sign-up sheet tomorrow for this and
Dynamic Rock, but due to both being very late notice
you can email instead if you're interested in either.

It's also going to be dynamic rock as usual on Monday.

In other news Steve is still waiting on some gear to
be returned. He's working on a list of what people
have been lent, it's much quicker and easier if you
know you've got something of the clubs to return it to
us rather than us have to ask you.
There is a gear check coming up soon getting things in
order for the hand over of power to a new committee
later in the year.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the
committee next year you can ask about it and we'll let
you know the details nearer the time, but start
thinking about it now. It looks good on a c.v and is a
fairly average chat up line.


Gower: Sunday 9am Fulton House (Weather permitting)

Dynamic Rock: As usual

Gear: Return ASAP

Join Committee: Think this over.

UWSMC Committee 

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