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Fri Feb 16 01:16:21 GMT 2007

Hi guys,

Right a lot to get through so I'll try my best to make
it sound new and exciting. 

Hopefully sometime soon there will be another trip to
the Gower, same sort of plan as before only different
location, probably 3-cliffs. Details will follow
shortly. But the trip will be similar in price to the
last one (£1 if we have a minibus)

There is a trip planned to Bargoed. This will be
Friday 2nd March. Those of you who came last time will
know there is a good selection of routes there, as
well as a bouldering section. If you haven't been it's
well worth a visit. Those who've been I'm sure have
been waiting for a chance to go back. The cost is
usually around the same as a trip to Dynamic Rock.

There are also plans to go slightly further a field
this term too. Most of the committee have been very
busy with work and BUSA plans recently so details are
sketchy right now but are being worked on. And there
will be something cool plan before term is out.

CLUB CLOTHING: This is a big news item this email,
it's all going well so far, we've chosen a design and
the types of clothing we'll be getting. 
The plan is for Hoodies and T-Shirts. If you fancy one
of these express an interest now email/talk to
committee member etc. Get those orders in so we've a
good idea what to expect.
There's also a chance of there being some left over
competition shirts from the A.U, I'm not sure entirely
what this means, I think Jon knows the details on this

Dynamic rock mini-bus is now setting off at 6pm, from
Fulton house, and returning at 10. You'll have the
same amount of time climbing, but more of you should
have finished lectures before we set off.
(Plus avoiding the rush hour traffic, might even gain
you 10-20mins more climb time.)

Finally a word about the Committee:

If you've wanted to get more involved in the climbing
club you'll have a chance because the change over
happens around Easter time. The positions are:

President <Current: Jon>: Hard work, requires
commitment, and ability to plan trips and competitions

Secretary: <Current: Tim(me)>: Handling Sign-up
sheets, keeping track of current members, club emails

Social Secretary: <Current: Simon>: Plan nights out,
formal dinners, talk people into J.C's after a session

Treasurer: <Current: James>: Take money from people
signing up and on trips. Required for most trips. Must
be able to resist the lure of money within easy reach.

Gear Rep 1/2: <Current: Steve/Dave>: Keeps track of
gear lent to club members, maintains gear, and brings
it to any required sessions.

If you're interested we'll give details of the AGM in
a further email, you'll have to submit yourself there
and give a short speech about why you're suited to the
position. (It's not as bad as it sounds).
If you think you're up to it we'd love to see you

Sorry it's such a long email, but it beats getting 5
separate ones I guess.


UWSMC Committee 
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