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Fri Mar 2 16:44:30 GMT 2007

Hey Guys,

This is just a quick note to let you know that the
Mountaineering clubs AGM, where there will be an
election of the new committee will take place, will be
on Tuesday 20th March.
Please come it's a good way to involve yourself in the
club even if you don't intend to take on a position.
If on the other hand you are thinking about taking up
a position in next years committee then you should
sign your name up on the Sign-up sheet on the board.
This will let us know who is interested before hand.
You should also think about why you would make a good
<committee position> because you will be asked some
questions to help people cast their votes.

The positions are:
President: The big cheese, runs the club, arranges
trips and calls for meetings amongst other thing.

Secretary: Sends emails, makes the occasional phone
call (check if it's the A.U president when you receive
a call), takes care of sign up sheets, and holds all
the paper work for the members so mustn't loose stuff

Treasurer: Holds "the tin", which holds most of the
club money. Because of this is needed at most climbs
to take the trip money, or sign-up money.

Social Sec: Arranges nights out of various sizes, from
trips to J.C's all the way up to the Christmas Ball.

Gear Rep 1: An experienced climber who knows about
gear. This person will look after the club gear
throughout the year by keeping a detailed list of who
borrows what. They hand out gear on trips and also
train gear rep 2.

Gear Rep 2: A less experienced climber who learns
about gear, helps keep track of it and brings it to
each session. Might be required to carry heavy loads

Right now you know what it's all about you should get
over to the sign-up sheet on the board on the
stairwell by level two and let us know you're
interested so we don't panic about not having a
committee next year.


UWSMC Committee 
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