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Mon Mar 12 18:29:24 GMT 2007

Hey Guys,
It's time to get numbers for club clothing. I've
attached  an image of the design I've made for the 
back of this years hoodies and t-shirts. If there were
more time we'd have a vote on designs but there really
isn't time.
If you're interested can you please reply ASAP if
you'd like either a t-shirt or a hoodie.
I need your size and how many of each you want:

eg: 1 Hoodie - Small.
    0 T-shirts

Last year the hoodies cost £16, but I've not had a
quote back from the shop yet. I need to know how many
people are interested. 

Thanks, Tim

UWSMC Committee 
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Forum: http://www.uwsmc.org.uk/cragchat

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