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Sun Nov 4 00:18:09 GMT 2007


Just to let you know that the price for the North
Wales trip next weekend (9th-11th Nov) should be
around £23. Again we will be meeting outside fulton
house at 16:00 (4 o'clock). Non-experienced members
will need to have shoes, harness, belay plate, krab,
helmet and ideally a nut key, you also need to know
how to lead belay, most of you should know by now, but
if you don't then yet one of us oldies to teach you on
Monday/Thursday. Kit will be handed out on the
Thursday wall session, so make sure you go to it, and
you will also be told who you'll be climbing with.

Any question/prolems then email/post on crag chat

Von Doom :D

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