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Wed Nov 21 21:00:30 GMT 2007

Hey all,

So as I've mentioned before this is our last major
social of the term (excluding the Christmas Ball) and
it's going to be a really good one, so please come!

The rules on fancy dress are you can come as whatever
you want, but you can’t come as

The night is going to be a general socialising night,
but there will be a slight competition involved.

How the night should run:

HOUSE 1) Andy’s house (next to The Cricketers pub) on
King Edwards Road
  • Meet here
  • Punch
HOUSE 2) Tom Page’s house on Bryn-Y-Mor Road
  • Beer bong
  • Chair wrestling
  • 3-legged race to next house
HOUSE 3) Dom’s house on Glanbrydan Avenue
  • Shots
  • Table wrestling
HOUSE 4) Tom Allison’s house on Glanbrydan Avenue
  • Drinking/party games

Competition (if you don’t want to do the comp we won’t

In groups of 2 you need to get the highest amount of

Points are awarded for:

  1. Your fancy dress costume
  2. Beer bonging
  3. Participating in chair wrestling
  4. Your position in the 3-leggesd race
  5. Doing shots
  6. Participating in table wrestling
  7. How good you are in the drinking/party games

Prices will be awarded for 1st place (and possibly 2nd
and 3rd)

Please bring your own booze (as we probably wont have
enough and might have to 'borrow' yours!!)

If you want to bring booze to help make the night
better we’ll be very grateful!!!

Hope to see you there

Von Doom

UWSMC Committee 
Web: http://www.uwsmc.org.uk
Forum: http://www.uwsmc.org.uk/cragchat

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