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As you might know, this year the only way to obtain
your AU card for 2007/08 is online at the AU website,
www.suau.co.uk. This is to 'help reduce queuing times
at the AU desk to give you more time to join
club/societies', not that 2 days isn't enough time for

  "The AU cards play a vital role in all participation
of sport within the Athletic Union and also in the use
of A.U. facilities including transport.

WITHOUT you SPF card you are:
 • Unable to join individual sports clubs
 • Not covered by personal accident insurance
 • Not insured to compete for the University
 • Not insured to travel on A.U. transport

WITH your SPF card you are:
 • Able to do everything above PLUS

 • Entitled to claim back expenses (with VAT receipt)
 • Able to claim personal accident insurance if
 • Allowed subsidised physiotherapy"

• etc, etc, etc... (I think you know the rest)

To apply you need to;

i. Turn on a computer that has access to the internet
ii. Use that computer to access the internet

1. Register to www.suau.co.uk
2. Click on Memberships
3. Fill in the form for Athletic Union Membership
4. Upload a photo
5. Pay your Sports Participation Fee 

Shock-horror it's gone up to £5.50!!! Plus if you pay
online you'll have to pay an EXTRA 75p for some
random, peculiar reason they fail to mention, bringing
the total to £6.25, which is an increase of 25% on
last year's price.

6. Complete and print confirmation (you’ll need a
printer for this bit, ideally one with ink)
7. Bring confirmation printout and a passport photo to
the Athletic Union stall at fresher’s fair to receive
your card

If any problems contact Simon on
aupresident at swan.ac.uk

Dom – Sec :-)

B.T.W. I was a bit bored when I wrote this

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