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Sun Jan 13 01:33:42 GMT 2008

Hey all,

Hope you had a good Christmas holiday and New Year.
Here's a bit of information about this terms events.

As we've got exams in the next two weeks (eek!!) there
will be NO trips to dynamic rock and no sessions at
the uni wall (as the sports hall will be used for
exams). So the next trip to dynamic rock should be on
Monday 28th January (email will be sent out to confirm
date) and the next uni session will be on the Thursday
31st January.

As WUSA and BUSA (Welsh/British Universities Sporting
Association) are coming up this term we strongly urge
team members/people who want to be on the team to
attend the weekly trips/sessions to practice your
bouldering skills. Sessions at the uni wall will be
mainly used for bouldering.

Possible day trips might be arranged depending on
weather and transport.

At the end of this term will be the club's AGM, where
we'll vote for the committee of the nest academic
year. Although it's a long way, if you're interested
talk to the current committee members to see what the
job entails and what it been like this year. The
positions are;
Chairman/President (Currently Gareth)
Secretary (Currently me!)
Treasurer (Currently Tom Tom Page)
Gear Reps 1&2 (Currently Toom Alison & Laith)
Social Sec (Currently Tony)
Again more information will be email at a later date

We're currently organising a trip during the Easter
holidays to Fontainebleau (France), dates/prices
currently unknown. More information about the trip
will be sent, we want to know if other members of the
club were interested in going. This trip is a holiday
arranged by the committee for the committee, so if you
do go we'll need to make sure that you’re capable of
doing stuff unaided, as we'll be doing our own things.

Hope the exams go well

Dr Doom

UWSMC Committee 
Web: http://www.uwsmc.org.uk
Forum: http://www.uwsmc.org.uk/cragchat

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